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Peaceful Resolution Of Difficult Issues

Divorce and family law issues are always difficult, and unfortunately the adversarial nature of our legal system often makes them even harder to resolve. Sometimes it takes a different kind of approach to reach a good result.

Like any good lawyer, I work hard to protect my clients’ rights and advance their interests for the long term. However, in my experience, people are happier and more satisfied with the ways they resolve their legal issues when they use collaborative techniques such as mediation, rather than traditional courtroom litigation. Collaborative techniques often lead to better settlements and tend to give you a greater sense of control over your legal issues. They also help you avoid the bitterness that so often lingers on after divorce and other family law disputes, leaving you and your loved ones in a healthier position.

Compassionate Representation

I founded Quatier Law to put into practice my passion for protecting children and helping families. My goal as an attorney is always to help my clients resolve legal issues in a way that will be best for them and their families in the long term.

I am a powerful advocate in the courtroom and use a variety of techniques to get my clients the best results. In some cases, a tougher approach is necessary. In others, a more balanced approach will yield better results. For example, collaborative techniques can be especially important for divorcing spouses who have children, and therefore must continue to work together after the divorce as parents.

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