I Care Because I’ve Seen The Impact Divorce and Conflict Can Have on Children

Before becoming a lawyer, I worked as a drug and alcohol counselor for Pathways in Eugene Oregon. Pathways is a program for adjudicated youths who are struggling with substance abuse and criminal issues. While working at Pathways I became aware of just how important family is to the children’s future, and how the breakdown of the family can often have a detrimental impact on the children involved. I believed that by becoming a family attorney,  I could help children by helping their families navigate divorce and conflict in a way that protects their children’s physical and emotional well-being. I now use the skills I developed as a counselor to help parents learn how to co-parent peacefully and address conflict in a productive and child-focused way. I believe that for my clients who have children the best outcome provides a safe, stable, peaceful and carefree childhood for their children.

I Care Because I’ve Been There Too

As a teen mother, I have experienced the struggle many of my clients have faced. I know what it is like to raise a child on your own. I know how scary uncertainty can be. I know the shame that one feels when struggling to provide for their children. I have experienced domestic violence and know the confusing and conflicting feelings that can come from abuse. I understand how complicated an abusive relationship can be and how terrifying it can be to leave. At one of the scariest times in my life, a caring and intelligent attorney helped me find the safety and stability I needed. How such a simple action on her part could have such a huge impact on my life inspired me to pursue a life of helping other survivors of domestic violence. The power I have to help people as an attorney is profound, and I find so much joy in my ability to pay it forward in my own practice.

I grew up in a small town in Eastern Oregon. I know consulting with an attorney can be intimidating. I’m here to provide representation that makes you feel at ease. We all have made mistakes and we all have our own individual shortcomings. You do not have to worry about judgment or criticism when you walk through these doors. Here you will find a warm and welcoming advocate who will lift you up and make you feel empowered and heard.

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