Removing The Stress Through Uncontested Divorce

It’s never easy to decide to seek a divorce, but in many cases both spouses agree it’s the right thing to do. Unfortunately, the adversarial nature of our legal system — and of that of many lawyers — can stir up anger and exacerbate tensions.

These bad feelings can make it more difficult to reach a fair settlement and can create bitterness that lasts long after all the divorce paperwork is filed. These lingering resentments are unpleasant for anyone, but for ex-spouses who will have to see each other or work together in some capacity, they can be terrible burdens. For ex-spouses who have children, this kind of bitterness can harm everyone in the family.

I help clients resolve their divorce issues with minimal drama if and when it is possible. Sometimes circumstances outside of your control make a peaceful divorce seem impossible. If that is the case, I can help you formulate a plan that addresses the issues making your divorce especially difficult. Through a combination of strategies, I can help you achieve a positive outcome despite what roadblocks you may be facing.

The Divorce-Related Services I Provide

I represent clients in many divorce-related issues, including:

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