Fighting For Fair Spousal Support Payments

There is a real fear among divorcees that they will lose everything when it comes to spousal support and property division. You may worry that your payments will be unmanageable or that you will not receive the amount you need to support yourself after the divorce

As your attorney, I will help relieve some of the worry that comes with spousal support. Together, we will fight to ensure that spousal support payments are fair. I can evaluate your income, debts and other financial obligations, and help you anticipate how much spousal support payments may be and how we can fight to protect your best interests.

Understand How Spousal Support Payments Are Calculated

An Oregon court may order transitional and compensatory spousal support payments, commonly referred to as alimony payments. They may also require payments for spousal maintenance.

Without fully reviewing the facts of your case and divorce, it is hard to say how much you can expect to pay or receive in payments. There are various factors that the court considers before issuing a final award or that may be discussed in mediation.

Factors that can affect the amount and duration of spousal support payments include:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • Each spouse’s individual contributions to the marriage
  • Each spouse’s income and earning capacity
  • The spouses’ respective ages
  • The lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage
  • The health and disabilities of each spouse.

In addition to spousal support payments, one spouse may be required to pay for the other’s attorney fees and various expenses.

I understand how courts make determinations concerning spousal support payments. I will therefore take the necessary actions to make certain your needs are served.

I Will Evaluate Your Case And Tell You What You Need To Know

I provide direct and candid answers to every client who walks into my office. It is important to have realistic expectations and a clear understanding of Oregon laws. Call 503-449-3483 or send me an email to click here to schedule your consultation today.