Restraining Orders and Stalking Orders Can Protect You and Your Family

If you have or are currently experiencing domestic violence or you or your children are in danger, know you are not alone and there is a way out. You have options to keep you and your children safe, which can include filing for a stalking order or restraining order. I can help you do so in a way that is effective and discrete. Let me know when you reach out to schedule your consultation if you are in danger, and I will make sure that you can come see me in a way that is safe and discrete.

Restraining Orders and Stalking Orders Can Hurt You and Your Family

While protective orders are sometimes necessary to protect an individual or children from violence and abuse, they can also be inappropriately used to gain an unfair advantage in a divorce or child custody case. If you are served with a restraining order or stalking order, it is important to remember that you must abide by the order until the order is terminated.

Stop contacting the person who obtained the restraining order and call me immediately. I can help you get into court quickly to have the order terminated or modified and help you protect your rights and your relationship with your children.

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