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The Key To Obtaining Child Custody And Parenting Time

As a parent, I know how tumultuous the fight for custody and parenting time can be. I am here to help put your worries at ease. This is a critical moment in both you and your child’s lives, and I want to be by your side every step of the way.

Preserving your relationship with your kid and protecting them is paramount. Knowing your rights as a parent and what to expect in the process is essential to understand what you are up against.

An Overview Of Child Custody And Parenting Time Determinations

No matter your gender, you and your spouse have equal rights and opportunities to gain custody and visitation of your children. However, your love for your child is not the only thing that will be taken into consideration.

Whether you are negotiating the agreement in mediation or leaving the decision up to a judge, you should expect that your every detail of your life will be heavily scrutinized.

Factors that influence custody and parenting time decisions include your:

  • Income
  • Living accommodations
  • Child’s preference
  • Work schedules
  • History of abuse or neglect
  • Relationship with your child

Child custody determinations in Oregon are made based on what is in a child’s best interests. Applying the criteria above provides greater insight when trying to ascertain what the court will decide. As a client of Quatier Law, I will fight to protect your parental rights and skillfully negotiate to obtain a favorable custody decision. I also assist with child custody modifications and enforcement.

Do I Need An Attorney To Obtain Parenting Time Or Custody?

The short answer is no. Parents can attempt to resolve these matters on their own without obtaining legal counsel.

However, without the guidance of a veteran family law lawyer, you risk the chance of losing the custody battle and having your rights compromised. Your decision to hire a lawyer can impact your role as a parent for years to come. Hiring an attorney can decrease hostility, increase the chance of a fair agreement and ensure that the document is as comprehensive as possible.

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