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2 important legal steps for stopping abuse

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2022 | Domestic Abuse |

Abuse often doesn’t start right away when you enter a new relationship. Those who intend to mistreat, injure and control their romantic partners often engage in love-bombing practices early in the relationship.

Your partner may have made you feel like the center of their universe in the first months of your relationship. They may have given you wild compliments impressive compliments, expensive gifts and all of their free time. However, once you agree to get married, moved in together or had a child, their true personality started to break through the mask they previously wore.

Abuse often starts small with insults and controlling behavior. Eventually, that emotional hurt will become physical as the abuser increases their controlling and dangerous actions. If you currently live with or are married to someone physically abusive, what legal steps do you need to take to start protecting yourself?

You should be ready to notify the authorities

You never know when the violence that you face may suddenly intensify. Your partner may be able to sense that you have started to pull back from the relationship. If they think you are planning to leave, the violence they commit against you may intensify.

Although domestic violence calls usually result in he-said, she-said scenarios, police officers can help you in an emergency when your safety or the safety of any children that you share with your abusers is at risk. Police officers may arrest your abuser if there are clear signs of violence in your home or on your person when they arrive. There will then be official state records of the abuse you’ve endured.

Prepare to ask for an order of protection

Oregon will issue orders of protection to those dealing with abuse or stalking from a current or former partner. Gathering documentation is it important process as you prepare to go to court to ask for an order of protection. If you don’t feel like you can’t call the police or seek medical attention, can capture images with your mobile phone, maintain a secret database of screenshots of police in text messages you can keep a diary of the mistreatment that you endure.

You will then be able to present that evidence to the courts to convince a judge that you have reason to fear for your safety. After you receive the protective order, you will then be in a stronger position to initiate divorce proceedings or child custody proceedings if you did not marry the other party.

Your protective order and documentation of the abuse will help you end your marriage and also potentially protect your children from the abuse they might suffer in a shared custody arrangements. Connecting with the right help when seeking a protective order for domestic violence will help you more easily access the support that Oregon has in place for people in your position.